What people are saying about Phono-Graphix

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

"[Our instructor] has been working with our 11 year old son. His grades have greatly improved on reading and comprehension. Lately, she has been working with him more on writing, and his last report card showed great improvement!"

"My 13 year old daughter suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident when she was 2. As a result, she has had difficulty reading. We have tried more than 10 phonics programs and a host of reading tutors. I was told by educational specialists to stop trying to improve my daughter's skills, and instead, set up accommodations, i.e. books on tape/voice recorder for the blind. My daughter and I traveled across the country to work with [a Phono-Graphix therapist] in a one-week intensive. I was amazed at the improvement in my daughter's skills and confidence after only one week. My daughter's confidence is boosted and her skills significantly enhanced. I would not have believed it if I had not witnessed it myself. The program is not a one-week fix, but it certainly has given us a running start. We will continue practicing the methods, and [our Phono-Graphix therapist] is available to answer questions. I believe she is genuinely interested in my daughter's progress. I cannot recommend the PhonoGraphix method highly enough."

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

"Phono-Graphix makes sense. This year I have used it to teach my kindergarten students as well as first, second, and third grade students who have needed remediation. It's easy to present the lessons to all levels of learners. I find that the students are able to progress through each level with ease, and they enjoy that the program is interactive. Other programs I have used have not had a writing component. Sounding out each sound as it is written has made a huge difference in my students' ability to correctly spell words."

Michele Sanguinetti, Scotts Valley, California

"Great evidence-based intervention for students with reading disabilities!"

Susan Etcheverry, North Battleford, Saskatchewan

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

"I took the certification course a year ago and have used Phono-Graphix with my emergent readers to high schoolers everyday since. I love it and it’s been truly life-changing for so many of our clients. I've taught so many children to read (and love reading) with Phono-Graphix. It's even worked with children with global delays, who people just assumed would never read. It just takes longer."

Chris Hwang, M.A., CCC-SLP, Bethesda, Maryland

"I've been using PG for over 15 years and I am thrilled with the way it has helped hundreds of children over the years in my classrooms alone. Fantastic program!!!"

Andrea Payne, Stockholm, Sweden

What students have to say about being taught using Phono-Graphix

"Phono-Graphix not only helped me to read, but also helped me pass my driving test! Because PG is so visual, I found it easy to remember the symbols in the driving book. My driving instructor said I was the ONLY person they had taught who knew EVERY road sign. Thank you Phono-Graphix!"

Kiran Sehmi

What our trainees say about our course

"The Phono-Graphix Training Course is an unbelievable course. It takes you through step by step at such a manageable pace that before you know it, you have completed all of the assignments and you feel confident to get out there and teach it. Thank you so much!"

Sarah Menu, East Hampton, NY

"I loved this course! I feel for me as a SLP it's the missing piece for teaching kids how to decode. I appreciated that Erin took the time to provide feedback after the Pink, Blue, and Purple assignments. Her insights and suggestions were invaluable."

Christine Hwang, Rockville, Maryland