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Testimonials - Customer feedback on the Phono-Graphix® Method

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

I have learned so many things from this program. I have 21 years of teaching experience, a K-12 Reading Endorsement through my Master's Degree and am Reading Recovery trained; however, I have learned so much about helping the at-risk reader (and all readers for that matter) understand how our language works in a matter-of-fact, hand-on way. My daughter had struggled in first grade and her school used this program with her. Within weeks she was caught up with everyone else, since she had changed schools and the expectations were much higher. The kids enjoy the activities, mastery becomes apparent and it is wonderful to see them use what they have learned in their reading. I found the examples in the training very helpful and am almost sorry it is over. What is not over is using Phono-Graphix as an intervention to the readers in our school who need to accelerate to reach the levels of their peers...I can see myself using this for many years to come! Thanks for thinking outside the box and providing materials for those kids who need a different way of learning!

C. Pape, Saginaw, MI

I am a parent of three children, two of which struggled tremendously breaking the code to reading, particularly my 10 year old. We tried private tutors, and a myriad of programs until Phono-Graphix was introduced by a speech and language therapist. It has been the only approach to reading that has helped our child. Many thanks for creating this brilliant and logical program that is accessible to professionals and parents.

P. Nashman, Toronto, Ontario

I used Reading Reflex with my son for months, but the program has given me so much more than I expected. This method makes sense and our children NEED a reading program that isn't confusing. Since I homeschool my three boys it took me longer than I thought to get through the assignments, but that is the beauty of your course... being able to work at your own pace. My son is reading at grade level and I have a new career opportunity that will work with my schedule. Thanks for offering this program!

S. Lagerstedt, Duvall, WA

[Our instructor] has been working with our 11 year old son. His grades have greatly improved on reading and comprehension. Lately, she has been working with him more on writing, and his last report card showed great improvement!

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What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

This is an easy step by step solid reading program that makes sense! Every reading teacher should take this course.

C. Stradling, Woodbine, MD

Phonographix has been a wonderful program for my students. Introducing multiple representations of sounds was most helpful. It helped my kindergarteners learn sound pictures more quickly and be more fluid in their sound switching while thinking about what makes sense. I would highly recommend the program.

Hannah Cunniff, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This program is a great tool to use to get students reading. The lessons are all designed to bring up errors so you can teach from the learner's mistakes. It makes students feel confident and engaged. There were so many moments when my "frustrated students" felt successful and excited to come work in small groups with me.

Aimee Cummings, Towson, Maryland

This is a system of learning reading that is directly based on research of effective strategies. It puts students in a position of knowing and relies on what they already know of words as they are spoken to build their understanding of words as they are written. It is simple, logical and efficient for both teachers and learners.

Maya Sperkacz, Miami Beach, Florida

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

I love Phono-Graphix and so do my students! They get to experience success from the very first lesson.

Jayna Roscoe, Washington DC

This course is fantastic for anyone teaching reading. It brings the task back to basics, it cuts out all the complexities of spelling rules, long and short vowels, etc. etc., and gets straight to the task. Really worthwhile! Not only do I as a tutor find this beneficial, my most difficult reluctant readers are really progressing due to Phono-Graphix.

O. McDaid, Strabane, Northern Ireland

What our trainees say about our course

I enjoyed learning about the Phono-Graphix method from the online course. It is very thorough and clearly taught. I was nervous about learning something that was only going to be online but the course is very in-depth and I feel confident that I can teach the method to my students after taking this course.

Christine Hall, Charlotte, North Carolina

I really enjoyed this course. It made me think differently about the fundamental skills of reading. I especially enjoyed the different approaches in helping students decode words. The English language is a challenging language with a bunch of rules that don't always apply. This allowed my students to attack words in a more productive way!

Julia Clements, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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