What people are saying about Phono-Graphix

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

"This course has been unspeakably useful. As a reading instructor and a member of a family with an autistic boy and an ADD/dyslexic boy, the concept that letters are pictures of sounds has been like an awakening!"

A. Herring, Chino Hills, CA

"[Our instructor] was able to bring our daughter up two grade levels and be a more confident student. If your child has trouble with reading, we would definitely recommend Phono-Graphix! [Our instructor] also helps parents in being able to assist their children with reading."

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

"This was a very exciting and rewarding year for my Kindergarten students. This was truly an amazing year for me and the students! Could it be after 40 years of teaching I have found program that teaches children to read that is fun to teach as well as to learn. We love it! Thank you, Phono-Graphix for a program that makes a difference in the lives of so many."

Zainab Habibullah- Kindergarten teacher, CIS- South Carolina

"This program is definitely worth your investment of time and money. I'm just finishing the training, and have been working with a student as I go. It faster than any method I have ever used, and gets outstanding results."

Linda Jackson, San Antonio, TX

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

"I love Phono-Graphix and so do my students! They get to experience success from the very first lesson."

Jayna Roscoe, Washington DC

"I took the certification course a year ago and have used Phono-Graphix with my emergent readers to high schoolers everyday since. I love it and it’s been truly life-changing for so many of our clients. I've taught so many children to read (and love reading) with Phono-Graphix. It's even worked with children with global delays, who people just assumed would never read. It just takes longer."

Chris Hwang, M.A., CCC-SLP, Bethesda, Maryland

What students have to say about being taught using Phono-Graphix

"Phono-Graphix not only helped me to read, but also helped me pass my driving test! Because PG is so visual, I found it easy to remember the symbols in the driving book. My driving instructor said I was the ONLY person they had taught who knew EVERY road sign. Thank you Phono-Graphix!"

Kiran Sehmi

What our trainees say about our course

"This course was so beneficial for my students!"

Melanie Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This is an excellent course. I could feel my confidence building as I implemented the lessons with the students that I tutor. The instruction, research, and video lessons demonstrating the corrective techniques were extremely helpful. I always felt like I knew how to help my students progress. I highly recommend this course and the Phono-Graphix method."

Chris Fratiello, Rhode Island

"I think the information in this course is going to be extremely useful as I prepare to put the program into full effect next year with my students. I have been able to coach my teachers through a soft implementation of the program this year as they too are currently enrolled in the program. I also look forward to utilizing the teaching technique with my own son. The most beneficial aspect of this program is the hands on approach to learning the code. Students are actively engaged in learning and this was extremely helpful with my most struggling readers this year."

Danielle Ciallella, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This course provided me with a wealth of information that I will be able to immediately incorporate into my daily lessons in a kindergarten classroom as well as when working with children individually. I appreciate everything I learned!"

Christia Streletz, Alexandria, Virginia

"The detailed audio and animated breakdown of the lessons within each level was very useful and helped me to be able to visualize what it should look like with my students."

Lindsay Hojnacki, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace and having the opportunity to practice the lessons prior to implementing them in my classroom during the upcoming school year. Feedback about assignments was especially helpful in my understanding of the program."

Charlene Smith, Bangor, PA

"The online training program was great because you are able to complete it in the time frame that suits your schedule."

Christina Eckstein, Gainesville, FL

"I enjoyed the format of this training for its unique presentation, which held my attention, and abundant, hands-on practice opportunities. The Phono-graphix method makes sense and execution is clear."

Stephanie Crowley, Speech-Language Pathologist, Bethesda, Maryland

"This is a great course! Explains in great detail, and I enjoyed the practice assignments. It really help me grasp the overall picture of the program"

K. Germek, Altamont Springs, FL

"The Phono-Graphix course provided an in-depth overview of the program and thoroughly prepared me to teach. The course also enlightened me to new aspects of reading instruction and theory that I wasn't aware of before."

Kelly Knecht, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"It was valuable to learn about the Phono-Graphix method after hearing about it for several years. The method seems especially useful as an intervention for students who are having difficulty "breaking the code" of reading, and the course offers ways to assess students and use the assessment to design an intervention for each student. It was useful to be able to do the course online. I believe I got just about as much, or perhaps even more, out of it by doing it online as I would have in an in-person class."

Catherine Lawler, Silver Spring, MD

"This was a great course. The lessons are easy to access and explained well. There are great additional resources and plenty of access to help."

Lonnie Phillips, Montessori teacher, Gainesville, FL

"I enjoyed the step by step video. Very helpful!"

Beatrice Chung, Philadelphia, PA

"The Phono-Graphix system is so much more logical than any other system I've worked with, it makes sense and it's fun! I liked the amount of practicals we had to do - I'm sure we wouldn't have had that in a one week, face-to-face course. I also enjoyed seeing the system in action, eg in the videos of Michelle with Shelby. I've started working with 2 six-year-olds, and they've made huge progress already in two lessons! The second child is extremely distractable - and I couldn't believe how he was able to focus for a whole hour non-stop! The system obviously made total sense to him, which clearly hasn't happened before! Thanks very much for the imput and answering all my questions - I know I've got more, so I hope I'll be able to continue sending them in as I think about it. Keep up the great work!"

Bronwen Williams, Auckland, New Zealand

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having this course on line. The time invested in this program and the convenience from home has made a world of difference. I am a teacher but wanted to learn Phono Graphix because of my daughter's learning difference. I used my 7 year old daughter to practice on and she went from reading below first grade level to now reading above first grade level. Slowly but surely she is moving in the right direction and it is ALL because of Phono-Graphix. Thank you very much."

Melissa Morris, Troy, Michigan

"I loved this course! I feel for me as a SLP it's the missing piece for teaching kids how to decode. I appreciated that Erin took the time to provide feedback after the Pink, Blue, and Purple assignments. Her insights and suggestions were invaluable."

Christine Hwang, Rockville, Maryland

"I enjoyed the course very much, got a great deal more out of it than I thought. The speedy replies from the course co-ordinators were much appreciated. First time I have done an online course and it worked well for me. Congratulations for working out such a good program"

Pamela Corbyn, Spearwood, Australia

"I have really enjoyed the Phono-Graphix Course. It has really helped me understand how to teach reading and spelling in fun and simple ways that are designed to meet the needs of all students at different levels. I have learned a lot from the instructions, articles and videos. The comments on the assignment always gave me a push to proceed enthusiastically in the course. The error corrections helped me a lot as they are not looked at as mistakes they are learning opportunities. Looking forward to applying it with all my students in the coming years!"

Sina Saghah, Amman, Jordan

"The course has been very informative and helpful in my effective teaching of my 1st grade classes. I highly recommend it to my other colleagues, to other schools, and to any educator that needs to focus on the unconditional concepts involved with our students solving words and reading fluently."

Chris Jackson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This course was amazing! I loved how it made the English language click. I am spelling better than ever. I cannot wait to see how the children integrate this amazing process and learn how to read with it."

Sofia Raffo, Miami Beach, Florida

"I very much enjoyed the self-pacing of the program. I was able to start the program in one school year, skip summer, and finish it the next...I'm thrilled that the information will always be available to me, and I'm discovering the resources on the Phono-Graphix member's site. Thank you for enabling me to extend my skills with such an amazing program. I can't wait to continue to dive in and help more kids."

Jill Perkins, Sun Valley, ID

"I learned so much through this interactive course. I know that all of my students will benefit from the techniques that are taught. It amazes me how quickly I see gains in their reading now!"

Michelle Lundquist, Sanford, FL

"This training has completely transformed my work with students with dyslexia. My teaching is more effective and planning for sessions is so much easier now that I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. Thank you so much for offering this coarse and helping me along the way."

Angie Schertle, San Jose, California

"I have really enjoyed this course and have already seen how Phono-Graphix has quickly produced results, in reading and spelling but also in the confidence this gives the children by seeing the progress they are making. Working with a number of year 4 and 5 children all of them enjoyed their individual and group sessions, sometimes asking for more. As an intervention it can be implemented quickly and effectively helping to bridge the gaps of those children who are struggling and bring them closer to their peers."

C. Gaston, London UK

"Thank you so much for your help along the way. I learned a ton and am really seeing progress in my students since I started this whole process with them. I was trained in Slingerland before, but this approach makes so much more sense!"

Cary Riggio, Learning Services Coordinator/Reading Support, Renton, Washington

"Really enjoyed this course as well as the program itself. It does a great job of using common sense strategies to simplify the process of learning to read. It is both effective and through."

Amanda Winters, Austin, Texas

"I highly recommend taking the online course. It offers a lot more practical information and research than in the Reading Reflex book alone, which helps provide better instruction to students. I particularly enjoyed the error correction component of the course :)"

Callie Scott, Singapore

"This course has helped me understand foundational aspects of good reading instruction. I have appreciated the detail and obvious care that has gone into making this an excellent program. I'm looking forward to implementing this into my reading therapy program."

Robin Luckenbaugh, Leesburg, Virgina

"The online course pushes you to really learn the material. I found that doing the write ups for each lesson helped me to learn the error correction processes better."

Kathleen Salinas, paraeducator, Bothell, Washington

"The course was well organized, with plenty of additional information in the form of articles to further enhance material covered in the various segments. The demonstrations of implementing Phono-Graphix were hugely helpful and enable me to develop a really good understanding of this instructional program. Phono-Graphix isn't just a tool for children to learn how to read, it is THE tool that ensures every child's success in reading."

C. Carlson, Calgary, Alberta

"Phonographix is an excellent program because of its structure and exceptional lessons. It is worth your while and students will surely become better readers because of the way they are learning to recognize sounds and sound pictures."

Jessica Vera, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I have found the course invaluable and have enjoyed it immensely. It gave me the opportunity to brush up on my teaching practises. My confidence has been boosted and i have been inspired to be more adventurous. The whole internet thing daunted me! So i learnt by discovery. Be it at times after i had made silly mistakes. But isn't that the way to learn? The students i have taught and paticipating in this course has confirmed to me that i must keep trying to bring Phono-Grphix to the attention of everyone. This paradigm shift will happen! So don't be a thinker and linger. Don't dally with P-G. It will enpower inspire and just think what you could do!"

Denise Gummer, Benfleet, Essex, UK

"This course is a good introduction to teaching the alphabetic principle and phonological skills to children who are struggling for any reason to learn to read with regular classroom instruction."

Philippa Evans, Occupational Therapist, Hastings, New Zealand

"The creators of Phono-Graphix truly understand how to teach reading and spelling, how children learn, and how to train teachers. I have taken this training to help me teach my children who are 18, 15, and 7 years old. I started teaching the Phono-Graphix method to my youngest when she was 4 years old. She has had to wait for me to learn how to teach better, but she has been reading since she was 4 because of the Phono-Graphix method of teaching to read. My 15 year old is actually a good reader, but struggled in certain areas that only the training was able to teach me how to help him. As a parent certifying as an instructor was worth it. I had read the Reading Reflex book, but the training is what helped me be confident in teaching Phono-Graphix to all my children."

Lydia Bidwell, Arizona

"Fantastic way of learning a program at your own speed and at your own convenience."

Celia Dubay, Washington, NJ

"This course was very informative and I would highly recommend it to any educator that wants to learn the proper way to teach phonics and have their children reading. It was very interactive and my students were able to learn so much information."

Kelli Drayton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Phono-Graphix provides the teacher with the ability to help students immediately. Older students with reading difficulty seemed so amazed at this fresh and rewarding method of receiving help."

Clarke Glover, Houston, TX

"This online training course is wonderful! I have taken online classes and trainings in other areas and they pale in comparison to this one. The use of sounds, cartoons, videos, and other media (i.e. articles) keeps it very interesting!"

Kira Hughes-Rivera, San Diego, California

"I found the course to be informative and worthwhile. I was frequently reminded that the best way to grasp each concept was to actually present the lessons to students. The more I dug in, the more I learned. It took me much longer to complete the course than I originally thought. I was glad that I was able to pace myself."

Michele Sanguinetti, Scotts Valley, California

"I have really enjoyed learning the Phono-Graphix method of teaching students to be better readers and spellers. The program has allowed me to help students connect with reading and better understand the reading/spelling process."

Kathy Gibson, Sun Valley, ID

"A great course, very worthwhile as you learn much more than you could do on your own just reading the Reading Reflex book. Thank you!"

C. Tuasikal, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I truly appreciate this training and educational background in how it is important to teach students that our language is made up of coded sounds that can be overlapped and learning in the context of words. This kind of teaching is very effective since it allows the student to learn the sounds and words in a way that is meaningful, practical and not in isolation. Thank you for teaching us the natural flow of how sounds should be introduced and how best to manipulate them. This is a very effective program that provides a very solid foundation for reading skills."

Esther Hwang, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This method of teaching reading makes sense. The teachers I am working with this summer are very excited. They have readReading Reflex, looked over lessons and tried techniques with their students the last month. I have used many of these strategies when tutoring students 1 on 1, but was unaware of why they worked. I wish I had this program 20 years ago when I first started teaching L.D. students. Thanks!!"

Vicki Fohrman, Inverness, FL

"I have been pleasantly surprised to see the quality of training available on-line. Once, I got through my doubts, I relaxed and was able to progress."

Rebecca Rodriguez, Houston, TX

"It's fantastic. It makes sense to teach a child that letters are "sound pictures". The use of the code and understanding the nature of the code along with segmenting, blending and phoneme manipulation really breaks down the written language. While working with one child during this course, I was impressed at how quickly he was learning to read and self-correcting he did, when he made a mistake. I only wish I had this knowledge while my kids were learning to read! I love the lessons and extensions to the lesson and can't wait to put it to use when students are allowed back into the classroom."

Catherine Sullivan, Kindergarten aide, Arcata, CA

"The course really simplifies reading the English language. All the principles taught are clear and concise and make perfect sense. English is a difficult language to read because of all the "exceptions to the rules" but this course clarifies and puts meaning into the way words are spelled and pronounced. The lessons are simple yet effective and the student quickly progresses which increases his\her confidence in their reading ability. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their English language skills."

Roxanne Salisbury, Swakopmund, Namibia

"It was a great course to do to help teachers like myself understand a way to teach students who have difficulty reading and spelling. I enjoyed how it was broken down to different levels and it was flexible enough that they overlapped each other in reference for the child's needs. It was a great learning experience."

Nicole Tanjutco, Potomac, MD

"The Phono-Graphix Course has been very informative and helpful in educating me on how to teach struggling readers to decode successfully. I have been using it regularly with the students I work with and the results are there to see. There's been guidance and support along the way whenever I've needed it. I would recommend this to both teachers and parents."

Deepali Pandya-Rao, Support Services Coordinator for The American International School of Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

"The course was excellent! The guided tour of this unique approach to teaching students how to read was well orchestrated to provide maximum exposure to concepts and techniques that can be used directly with students. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned. Thanks!"

Edward Tokas, Cary, NC

"I am so glad I went through this training. I had been exposed to Phonographix before and this course really helped me to understand how all of the different levels and components fit together. It makes so much sense to teach children using this approach. The support offered throughout the course was wonderful as well. There was a lot of constructive criticism and genuine help."

Jessica Brock, Inverness, Florida

"The online Phono-Graphix course was excellent. It was very interactive with many hands on activities, as well as excellent articles. I enjoyed watching the developers work with some clients and provide good modeling and feedback to the clients. It also served to reinforce some similar techniques that I use with the small groups and clients that I see. It is definitely worth the time and effort!"

Catherine Patterson, Potomac, MD

"The course is clearly explained with opportunities to practice the lessons as you go. It's great to be able to complete it at your own pace and to have questions answered as you work through it."

Margaret Shaw, Singapore

"The course was excellent. The child I have been working with throughout my training has made tremendous progress in his reading."

Vivian Harrison, Oceanside, CA

"The course has helped me tremendously. I was not familiar with Phonographix or didn't know how to introduce the nature of the code. The materials (KIT), books, worksheets and online course allowed me to teach Phonographix. Many of my students are reading now and others are eager to continue with the activities in the book. We had fun with the sound bingo at the beginning of the year. I would recommend the course to others! THANK YOU!"

Audrey Linklater, Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada

"I loved this course! It was a great way to learn about the program over the summer, from the comfort of my own home. The instructors offered comprehensive feedback to my assignments in a timely manner, which helped to guide my understanding of the program."

Lauren Kellar, Colchester, Vermont

"Excellent course. Very comprehensive but easy to follow and understand especially with the hands on component."

Jodie Desrochers, Swan Lake, Manitoba

"This course has been very eye-opening for me as a speech-language pathologist. I believe I will be able to easily put Phono-Graphix to use when teaching students how to read and spell, especially those who struggle with these skills. This program is very straight forward and easy to follow. Understanding the (four) concepts and the (three) skills needed to read/spell and how they both need to be implemented and utilized simultaneously makes this program innovative."

Jolene Choby, Towson, Maryland

"This course has given me an entirely different strategy for understanding the code. The students I introduced my new learning to were thankful which made our lessons successful."

Steve Haney, elementary special education teacher in Vermont

"As a "seasoned" teacher who has spent many years teaching the 'phonics code', I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to learn Nature of the Code taught in this Phono-Graphix course! It seems to make perfect sense and I can't wait to instruct my students in this code! I believe they will thrive as readers (and as spellers it turns out) using this method! This is the first time I have taken a course on line and I have found it to be very convenient time-wise; finally something productive to do when you awake in the middle of the night or have an evening home! The graphics in the course keep you awake and the pace does not drag. The lessons are clear and concise with many examples cited."

Marilyn Smith, Longmeadow, MA

"Phono-Graphix has been a great learning experience. I found all the tools and techniques to be a great asset to my teaching."

Gabriella Ilisco, Philadelphia, PA

"I would highly recommend taking Phono-Graphix training as a course. I have learned so much! I work as a reading consultant/tutor with a variety of ages from preschool to high school. This course covers material for all ages. I have seen tremendous growth with my students as I have applied these lessons, and tremendous growth in myself as I have learned new material. We should all be life long learners, and Phono-Graphix is a great tool to add to your learning toolbox. Erin Duncan has been a great mentor, and is always available to ask questions, when I needed help understanding how to use materials. It is evident that Erin really cares, and takes time to give encouraging feedback throughout the course. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the course and materials!"

Peggy Inverso, Safety Harbor, FL

"This course is beautifully designed and has thought of a more 'natural' way a reader needs to learn to read. It uses students errors as stepping stones to further reading fluency. The four levels are designed logically and the student can move at his/her comfortable pace."

Melanie Billings, Amman, Jordan

"It's great to be able to have an online course with such comprehensive information and assignments to support the process. The email support was friendly and efficient. Many thanks."

D. Kronenberg, Salisbury, UK

"The course was very informative and easy to follow. Thank you!"

Linda Bond, Easton, PA

"I think that this course is one of the best ways that I have seen literacy development being implemented. I appreciate the vocabulary that this course has introduced me to and how there are only four 'rules' that need to be followed compared to other programs that require students to memorise many rules that sometimes they do not even use. I found the assignments worthwhile and a way to make sure I was implementing these lessons correctly and appreciated the constructive feedback that the instructor gave me. I also found it useful that this course is a go at your own pace because it allowed me to give each assignment and lesson more thought, rather than feeling rushed to complete it all by a specific deadline. I think this program has been throughly thought out and I appreciate the opportunity to use it with my students."

Esme Williams, Eureka, California

"An informative and thorough course! The course content and videos provided everything I needed to thoroughly understand the Phono-Graphix method, and more importantly, understand the value of this Speech-to-Print method in teaching students to become competent readers."

Nancy Esposito, Long Valley, New Jersey

"I am very pleased with the amount of clarification I have received from taking this course. As a trained reading recovery teacher and EMPOWER Reading and Spelling trained teacher, I have learned so much and believe that this way of teaching would be very effective for any child. The phono-graphix method is excellent for struggling readers because of the way the lessons unfold and the amount of engagement that is promoted in every session. Students must be involved in the sessions which will only enhance their learning and help them to take ownership of their reading and spelling. I also like all the available resources on the website. The students I have worked with have made a lot of progress. I look forward to continuing to become better and better at my instruction so that I can help many children gain confidence in their ability to become independent readers and enjoy reading!"

Perri Nantais, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

"I love the Phono-Graphix method of teaching children to read. I taught the Phono-Graphix method using the "Reading Reflex" in my classroom before taking this course, but wished I had taking this course to begin with. The Reading Reflex just gives you a little taste and overview of the method. The videos, articles, and write-ups of our 1:1 and classroom lessons were all very effective teaching tools in this training course. I feel well prepared and excited now to teach kids to read using the Phono-Graphic method!"

Birgit Semsrott, special education teacher, Eureka, California

"This course, I think, gave me a fantastic overview of the program and gave me a vision as to how to gauge each students progress and plan for the next session. I am excited with the progress I have watched my students make and although I am not finished with their work, I have a great understanding of where we are headed. Thank you."

Audrey Mulvihill, Woodinville, WA

"This course has been extremely informative and practical in helping me understand the nature of the code and how to teach it effectively to students. I am so glad that I found this course so that I could teach my own children to read and now be able to help other children to read in clinical practice or in a public school setting. I highly recommend this course!"

Christen Mengel, Shillington, PA

"Taking this training course has been a positive and extremely beneficial endeavor. I have had the opportunity to learn more about my students and I feel strongly that they have benefited greatly from the process as well. I am excited to share my love of Phono-Graphix with my colleagues in hopes that they will start to implement it in the classroom."

Heather Town, Sun Valley, Idaho

"I am very happy that I was able to take this certification curriculum. I learned so much about myself and the written language. I would recommend that when possible, you use actual students to complete your online assignments. I found that I learned much more when I worked with students rather than adults. Kids have a way of coming up with questions and ideas that adults don't even think about. They are very creative and full of insight. I learned more about errors and error correction when working with students than when teaching a lesson to an adult. I was fortunate to be able to study and learn this curriculum as my youngest child was just diagnosed with dyslexia. This curriculum has helped me understand how my chid is processing words and how I can help them. It was nice to have a child at home who could help me with my homework. It was a great way to get them to practice decoding without feeling like they were doing homework. I can see the progress their reading already. I can't wait to be able to apply what I have learned to future reading groups."

Liza Yore, para-educator, Woodinville, Washington

"If you want to help your students learn to read in an effective, fun and multi-sensory way, you need to learn this method. I used this method with a student and I saw improvement after the first session. This course made me a better reading teacher because I now understand better why students struggle with reading and I am able to effectively address students' specific challenges with learning to read."

Eboni Zook, Baltimore, Maryland

"This course was very helpful in my understanding and learning of the curriculum! Actually doing these lessons with my students was great for a hands on learner."

Marcella Ilisco, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"This is a really great course. Phono-Graphix is like the missing link, in the foundation of learning to read. It teaches learners how to 'crack the code' of the sound-symbol correspondence in reading. The lessons are practical, and clearly structured, not rule-based. Lessons give the learner hands-on experience and practise, in getting inside words, blending sounds together for meaning, manipulating sounds to navigate the different ways of writing sounds in English as well as how to tackle multi-syllable words. This method works well with adults too. Doing the course online means I have been able to work with students as I have progressed through the course at my own pace, with terrific tutor help and support by email. I thoroughly recommend it!"

Liz Newlands, Alberta, Canada

"This has been an excellent course. I have learnt so much and have used so many of the techniques with my students."

Beverley Mallach, Singapore

"I am a retired, pre-K Montessori teacher. I also have dyslexia and ADHD. I have always dreamed of starting a tutoring business for older children with alternative learning styles. I believed it was unattainable. This online course has proven invaluable. The individual attention I have received, has been extensive, positive and prompt. Thank you, Erin Duncan, for all you have done for me. You are an amazing women. I have recently launched my tutoring business, and work with several children, ages 5-9! In the near future, I will offer Phono-Graphix tutoring for teenagers and adults, with the help from ’Silver Lining’ kit and support book."

Jane Connor, Chevy Chase, Maryland

"My friend's daughter is finishing up 1st grade right now. The school's teachers, specialists, and her mother have been working with her since the beginning of 1st grade. In March, her mom talked to me about how they'd hit a brick wall. The mother was desperate. There had been little to no progress since the beginning of the year. I asked her mother if I could take a shot at it. I was just starting my PG course, and I offered the lessons for free. Her daughter was evaluated by the school in March and labeled LD. Immediately after, I starting working with her. After seven sessions, the school's reading specialist sent the mother an email in April expressing her surprise at the child's progress. She was already nearly reading at grade level. Her mother is now a paying customer of mine through the end of summer. :) And the little girl is soooo proud of herself. It was a truly sweet moment to listen to the child tell me about her school tutor's comments."

Nicole Ott, Blacklick, OH

"I really enjoyed this course. It made me think differently about the fundamental skills of reading. I especially enjoyed the different approaches in helping students decode words. The English language is a challenging language with a bunch of rules that don't always apply. This allowed my students to attack words in a more productive way!"

Julia Clements, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I have enjoyed participating in this course. The programme is well structured and the information is clearly presented. The materials are fun to use. I had previously read "Reading Reflex", however having done this training course, I now feel much more confident when delivering instruction."

A. Hunt, Surrey, UK

"Phono Graphix has revolutionized my teaching. I have been teaching for 18 years now, 12 specifically in literacy and have constantly been searching for approaches and strategies that would move my pupils on successfully - I have now found what I have been searching for! Phono Graphix has had the most dramatic, positive effects on my pupils. The on-line course has been enjoyable and challenging, thought-provoking and informative. The presentation has been varied and fun, something I was not expecting from a literacy course! Had the course not been offered over the internet, work and family commitments would have prevented me from doing it - thank you! The frequent, constructive feedback was most helpful and supportive! I am currently recommending Phono Graphix in all my schools and am using the approach with all my pupils - what more can I say?"

Jean Coyle-Larner, London, UK

"Phonographix teaches decoding skills to children taking into account at their own developmental level. It's screening is easy to administer and will not make the student feel like they are going to a test! This allows immediate planning of intervention with a combination of levels that increases the child's confidence and at the same time challenges them to improve skills! In terms of adult learning, the accessibility of the online resources makes it very convenient for professionals to work in our own pace while receiving great support to video conferences and prompt response via email as well."

Ma Charisse Evangelista, Singapore

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program, easy to understand and well set out. Thank you!"

Serena Marinucci, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

"I enjoyed learning about the Phono-Graphix method from the online course. It is very thorough and clearly taught. I was nervous about learning something that was only going to be online but the course is very in-depth and I feel confident that I can teach the method to my students after taking this course."

Christine Hall, Charlotte, North Carolina

"This course was very helpful in leading me into Phono-Graphix lessons. I definitely learned the most through conducting lessons with students and summarizing the lessons in short reports. Before taking the online course I read the Reading Reflex book and I found that this course and its hands on approach helped to cement the ideas from the initial reading."

Michael Rimmele, Batavia, IL

"I took the certification course a year ago and have used Phono-Graphix with my emergent readers to high schoolers everyday since. I love it and it’s been truly life-changing for so many of our clients. I've taught so many children to read (and love reading) with Phono-Graphix. It's even worked with children with global delays, who people just assumed would never read. It just takes longer."

Chris Hwang, M.A., CCC-SLP, Bethesda, Maryland

"The Phono-Graphix Training Course is an unbelievable course. It takes you through step by step at such a manageable pace that before you know it, you have completed all of the assignments and you feel confident to get out there and teach it. Thank you so much!"

Sarah Menu, East Hampton, NY

"I really appreciated the videos where Ms. Erin Duncan explained and modeled the techniques and strategies. It helped me feel confident to go and try those tasks with my students. I appreciated the files to print for future reference. This course really helped the manual come alive and gave me the confidence to move forward with implementation."

Michelle Cicotte, Caldwell, Idaho

"Phono-Graphix has been a great learning experience. I found all the tools and techniques to be a great asset to my teaching."

Abigail Moul, Philadelphia, PA

"The essential Phono-Graphix content is well covered in this online course. I received detailed, helpful feedback on my lesson write ups. I appreciated the flexibility of working at my own pace."

Maureen Gardner, Maryland

"The course was very enlightening and eye opening. I recommend every educator take this course and wish that every child can be instructed this way. It is perfect for all learners."

Robin Tribbe, Towson, Maryland

"This has been a wonderful learning experience. I took my time, immersed myself in the course content and am now ready to teach Phono-Graphix in my own classroom. The course provides a wonderful blue case full of teaching materials. Once assembled, it is an invaluable tool. Thank you to instructor Erin for her supervision and feedback along the way. I highly recommend this course!"

Marie Davis, Reading Specialist for grades 1-3 in Ellicottville, NY

"This program is a great way to learn about Phono-Graphix and gives you all the tools to be a great teacher! It exposes you to great lessons plans along with being able to see those lessons being carried out. Amazing program!"

Angie Chang, Los Gatos, CA

"This course has been meaningful in learning, in a step-by-step way, how to use the method. It shows you how to teach in the classroom, small groups, or one-on-one in a private tutoring setting. What I love is that I have all of the materials ready to go. There is less prep time for me as a teacher, so I can focus more on the extension activities as I go."

April Boyle, San Diego, California

"This course has been very informative, interesting and fun. I have enjoyed working through the instruction and the videos. I have been working through the program with my 8 year old daughter and I have been amazed at her progress. She became confident in skills quickly and the exercises kept her interested. I liked the sequence of the way the course present each skill. I am looking forward to working with more students and seeing the amazing progress in their reading."

Hadeel Saba, Amman, Jordan

"This program is awesome! I was able to learn a lot about how to use it, but also about phonics as a whole. I cannot wait to use it in my classroom this year!"

Erica Vassos, Bethesda, MD

"This course was very informative and I believe that all teachers should review this before teaching."

Alissa Smith, Philadelphia, PA