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Testimonials - Customer feedback on the Phono-Graphix® Method

What parents have to say about Phono-Graphix

I have learned so many things from this program. I have 21 years of teaching experience, a K-12 Reading Endorsement through my Master's Degree and am Reading Recovery trained; however, I have learned so much about helping the at-risk reader (and all readers for that matter) understand how our language works in a matter-of-fact, hand-on way. My daughter had struggled in first grade and her school used this program with her. Within weeks she was caught up with everyone else, since she had changed schools and the expectations were much higher. The kids enjoy the activities, mastery becomes apparent and it is wonderful to see them use what they have learned in their reading. I found the examples in the training very helpful and am almost sorry it is over. What is not over is using Phono-Graphix as an intervention to the readers in our school who need to accelerate to reach the levels of their peers...I can see myself using this for many years to come! Thanks for thinking outside the box and providing materials for those kids who need a different way of learning!

C. Pape, Saginaw, MI

Both of my twins had phonographic help in primary school, they are now 26 years old! Phonographix was just amazing and 'unlocked' reading for them both. One is now a veterinary nurse and the other works in brain injury rehab. I absolutely know this wouldn't have been possible had I not discovered this method.

Karanne Rance, England

I have started implementing PG with many students, all different ages, and have found it incredibly impactful already. I love how it sets the child up for success from the beginning - something they've kids have rarely experienced before.

Lydia Harrah

My son and I attended for the one week intensive program. It was well worth it! My son is 7 and was a very discouraged little boy when it came to reading and eventually all of school. He has struggled with reading and recently was diagnosed LD. We just followed [the instructor's] lead and he was making progress after the first day... the results are amazing! He is smiling and laughing while reading stories to me and not crying anymore!!

Name redacted

What teachers say about using Phono-Graphix in their classrooms

This is a great course for teachers who are working with struggling readers! Thank you!

Christina Cotton, Special Education Coordinator

This is an easy step by step solid reading program that makes sense! Every reading teacher should take this course.

C. Stradling, Woodbine, MD

Name redacted

Thank you for helping me to help my special students. Every time I battled with their reading demons, I knew there had to be a better method to teach reading than the one I was using. I had tried every conceivable way to teach reading to both special needs children and children in regular schools. In the past, I have used a combination of Phonics, Sight Reading and Whole Language approach with numerous reading schemes. However, something was always missing. But now, at long last, I have found the missing link in the form of Phono-Graphix. Doing this course online, allowed me plenty of time to practice and use what I was learning as I went along. As a result, I felt very confident that I was doing the right thing because I saw the results right before my eyes as I practiced with my students. Not only were my students improving in their reading, they were also beginning to make sense of their spellings. I would not hesitate to recommend this excellent course to any teacher who is serious about teaching reading both in a class setting and remedially. In my opinion, Phono-Graphix is the answer to all parents and teachers prayers.

R. Juma, Special Needs Teacher, Dubai, UAE

What certified practitioners say about using Phono-Graphix in thier clinical practices, home-schooling, tutoring and more

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and developed a lot of confidence in my abilities to identify reading and and spelling problems. I can better understand why dyslexic children have such difficulty but know that I can help effectively with my new Phono-Graphix tools. The course has been useful but help and encouragement form other teachers and experts who use the scheme makes it come alive and make sense.I am looking forward to developing my expertise and effectiveness. Many thanks!

A. Elliman, Surrey, UK

What I love about Phono-Graphix is that every student can benefit from it in one way or another. From Kindergarteners who would learn the "sound pictures" of sounds instead of being burdened with trying to remember the letter name of each word and the sound, to the 6th grader who is beginning to struggle with decoding multi-syllabic words that he encounters in his reading. Instead of teaching phonics rules which all have exceptions, Phono-Graphix teaches a logical way of approaching a word. For the older student, learning the "special endings" and the "dominant" syllable can be extremely helpful. For the younger student, learning that "sound pictures" can have multiple sounds, trying one and if that doesnít look or sound right, try another sound picture. Phono-Graphix is the best program that encompasses the blending, segmenting and manipulation of sounds while the child is learning. There are no mistakes in Phono-Graphix, only learning situations as even mistakes are used as teaching tools.

Mary Calvert, Alexandria, VA

What our trainees say about our course

The creators of Phono-Graphix truly understand how to teach reading and spelling, how children learn, and how to train teachers. I have taken this training to help me teach my children who are 18, 15, and 7 years old. I started teaching the Phono-Graphix method to my youngest when she was 4 years old. She has had to wait for me to learn how to teach better, but she has been reading since she was 4 because of the Phono-Graphix method of teaching to read. My 15 year old is actually a good reader, but struggled in certain areas that only the training was able to teach me how to help him. As a parent certifying as an instructor was worth it. I had read the Reading Reflex book, but the training is what helped me be confident in teaching Phono-Graphix to all my children.

Lydia Bidwell, Arizona

This course has helped me understand foundational aspects of good reading instruction. I have appreciated the detail and obvious care that has gone into making this an excellent program. I'm looking forward to implementing this into my reading therapy program.

Robin Luckenbaugh, Leesburg, Virgina

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